The Scripture of the Fo...


The Scripture of the Founding Master

Chapter Three: Practice


The Founding Master said, “My dharma has as its core the essential principles of the Way of humanity, which perfects imperfect dharmas and simplifies the difficult dharmas of the past, so that anyone may immediately enter the great path. People who do not understand my intent and who refuse to abandon obsolete ideas say that, in order to practice, one must enter into the quiet mountains, or acquire special superpowers that allow you at will to move mountains or walk on water, or to summon the wind and rain. They also say that scriptures, lectures, or conversations are unnecessary and one need only recite the Buddha’s name or sit in meditation. Thus, there are some who do not practice my teachings correctly. This is truly regrettable! Now, there are still quite a few people in the monasteries and meditation halls of every province, and out in the sheer mountains and deep valleys, who wander about their whole lives without an occupation, hoping to acquire numinous penetration and a penetration of the Way. If one seeks the dharma by renouncing the secular world, or separating oneself from the Way of humanity hoping only to attain superpowers, then that is in fact a perverse path. Therefore, by first following my teachings regarding the essential Way of human life and the essential Way of practice, you must proceed to train well within the secular world. Then, you will ultimately be endowed with both merit and wisdom and, along with them, you will find superpowers and the power of absorption. This is the practice that follows an orderly sequence and the great path that is well grounded.”