The Scripture of the Fo...


The Scripture of the Founding Master

Chapter Six: Doubts Clarified


A disciple had the habit of recklessly commenting on others’ rights and wrongs. One day, he called Master Chŭngsan, founder of Chŭngsan’gyo, a lunatic. The Founding Master heard this and said, “How dare you criticize past personages so recklessly? It is not right to criticize the master for the faults of his disciples. Moreover, only a wise person can recognize another wise person. Someone whose perception has not fully developed should not recklessly make comments about others.” The disciple asked, “Then, what kind of man was he?” The Founding Master said, “Master Chŭngsan was a rare seer and divine personage. In the future, when our congregation has become widely known to the world, he will be revered and commemorated forever together with Master Suun.”