The Scripture of the Fo...


The Scripture of the Founding Master

Chapter Two: Doctrine


One of his disciples asked about the principle by which a response comes from silent declaration (simgo). The Founding Master answered, “As for the response that comes from silent declaration, the person making it gains an unimaginable power in a natural and spontaneous manner, which is in accordance with that person's sincerity. It is difficult to prove this in words. But, for example, at the time that one does not have the strength to remove unwholesome mental states that constantly arise, if one offers up silent declarations sincerely, then those mental states will cease of themselves and wholesome mental states will return. If, due to the force of one’s past habits, one is unable to stop committing wrongful acts even when one tries not to, one will naturally repent and lift oneself by offering silent declarations and sincerely pledging to do good in the future. These are but a few obvious pieces of evidence of the response to silent declaration. Such past legends as ‘a filial son who found bamboo shoots in winter’ and ‘red bamboo shoots growing from the spot where a loyal subject shed blood,’ as well as the miracle in our own order of ‘the seal of blood from the bare fingers of the nine disciples,’ have all come as evidence of such response. Bear in mind, however, that the great response and awesome power will ultimately appear only when one continuously and wholeheartedly carries out one’s vow, without violating any vows already made; you must especially keep this point in mind. If in this manner you gain firm power of mind, you will even be able to seize infinite heavenly authority and display awesome power that is like that of heaven and earth.”