Part Two: Dharma Discourses

Chapter Four: Vision and Plans


22. In the forty-fourth of the Won-Buddhist Era, fourth month (April/May 1959), at the inauguration for his fourth term as the Prime Dharma Master, the Master delivered a dharma talk: “In the twenty-eighth year of the Won-Buddhist Era, sixth month (June 1943), while in a deep sorrow after our Founding Master’s nirvāṇa, I inherited this solemn post and have remained in the important duty of representing the Order for almost seventeen years. Since then, I have managed to evade any serious transgression in leading this Order thanks to the protection from above of the Dharmakāya Buddha, the Fourfold Grace, and the hidden protection of the Founding Master and the spirits of our many forbears; and to the support, on my left and right, from the conscientious fervor of all my fellow officers working in each organization in the headquarters and temples and the meritorious cooperation of regular adherents. Not only has there been continual growth of our Order and has our existence come gradually to be widely recognized in both the nation and society, but we have also been laying the ground work for the future edification of the world. At this time, since I am once again unable to decline your request to assume another term in office, I feel heavily burdened and greatly humbled; but trusting that there always will be the protection of the Dharmakāya Buddha and the Founding Master’s holy spirit, above, and that, to my left and right, our fellow adherents’ conscientious cooperation will always continue, I swear to bring to bear all my abilities in carrying out this great responsibility. At the same time, commemorating this day with the exhortation for us to become exponents of one great world, I intend once more to renew my original vow, together with all of you fellow adherents.”