Part Two: Dharma Discourses

Chapter Four: Vision and Plans


19. At the ceremonial celebration on the forty-second anniversary of the foundation of the Order, the Master delivered a congratulatory address: “In these special grand prayers, which we started during the first month of last year for the prosperous future of the Order and for world peace, let us further steel ourselves for the remainder of this period. For such projects as the second phase of the levee project in Chŏnggwanp’yŏng, compiling the Taejonggyŏng (Scripture of the Founding Master), and the scholarship project, let us all become single-hearted agents for these great tasks and continue to carry them out.” He then said, “In commemoration of this day, we must make our own the Founding Master’s spirit in establishing this Order and thereby make manifest on this earth the great ideal of delivering the minds of sentient beings, which the Founding Master summed up in the slogan, ‘With this Great Opening of matter, let there be a Great Opening of spirit.’ All of us must first work hard at our own great opening of spirit so that we may endlessly practice delivering the sentient beings in our own minds and curing the world in our own minds. At the same time, through this spirit, we must appeal widely to the nation and to the world and propagate this spirit widely there so that we may construct a world of great freedom based on freedom of the mind, a world of great peace based on peace of the mind, and a great, civilized world based on civilization of the mind, as all of us desire. Thereby, let all of us fellow beings rejoice together in that one great paradise where spirit and flesh both become whole and where universal principles and human affairs are pursued in tandem.”