Part Two: Dharma Discourses

Chapter Four: Vision and Plans


10. In the thirty-ninth year of the Won-Buddhist Era, fourth month (April/May 1954), the Master sent a message to the meetings of the Supreme Dharma Unit and the Ministers Association that said: “I offer my heartfelt congratulations for the notable progress in every sections of our Order, thanks to the efforts of members of the Supreme Dharma Unit, officers at Headquarters, and directors of specific organs and temples, who have all shown unflagging sincerity and a sense of public service. Due to my illness, I was unable to fully share in the happiness at the last year’s general convention celebrating the first thirty-six years of our Order, and we are unable this year as well to commune with each other as we wish. The moon of our minds, which illuminates each other without speech, remains as clear as ever, but you and I feel regret equally at being unable to experience the joy of reunion.”
Then, turning to the immediate agendas of the governance of the central administration and how best to secure its dignity, the Master said, “So far, because our Order’s primary objective has been internal consolidation rather than external expansion, we have run our affairs almost like a household through verbal consensus. Regarding official positions, too, we paid little attention to formalities, but have just kept matters informal. However, from now on, as all administrations expand and the numbers of active members increase, the face of the Order will become more conspicuous both inwardly and outwardly. Hence, let us cooperate in complying with the direction of the central administration and securing its dignity.”
Then, regarding the tasks to be promoted by the whole Order, he said, “So far, because we have been working hard mainly to grow individual organizations and temples, we have mostly postponed the Order-wide enterprises that should have been managed at Headquarters. However, from now on, each individual organization and temple should unite and work hard at promoting Order-wide enterprises, showing more concern for the maintenance of the Headquarters as well.”
Regarding edification and governance through organized units, he said, “If at headquarters you further strengthen the authority and functions of the Supreme Dharma Unit and make it the central organ for governing the Order, and in each temple, you fortify the units of edification and make them the organ for promoting practice and enterprises, then you shall obtain a great result: ‘half the effort, double the result,’ as the saying goes.”