Part Two: Dharma Discourses

Chapter Two: The Way of Propriety


9. The attendant asked again, “During all rites, whether the Dharmakāya Buddha or the spirit of the deceased is taken as the object of worship, it presumably is only the formless mind that is addressing the formless world. If we consider this as just a matter of faith, then no objection need be raised. However, if we try to interpret this issue realistically, isn’t it a bit difficult to comprehend that there could be a mutual response between two formless objects?”
The Master answered, “The original source of all things in the universe is the essence of the Dharmakāya Buddha. From out of this essence, a single energy circulates, causing innumerable changes and transformations: this is the functioning of the Dharmakāya Buddha. In this essence and function, that which has no form, no sound, no smell, and thus is ineffable, nevertheless majestically presides over essence and function, being always void and numinous; and this is the Dharmakāya Buddha’s numinous awareness. The essence and function, as well as this numinous awareness, are all the one Dharmakāya Buddha, and our physical bodies, vital energies, and minds are also constituents of the Dharmakāya Buddha, which are mutually interconnected and nondual. Because these are all nondual, birth, old age, sickness, and death, as well as the retribution and response of cause and effect, all follow the Way of the Dharmakāya Buddha and do not transgress it by even a hair’s breadth. Because it is nondual, when you also make a vow while keeping the Dharmakāya Buddha as the object of your thoughts, if your one-pointedness is perfected, you can naturally attain the awesome power of the universe. Because they are nondual, when you are also conducting a ritual where the spirit of the deceased is kept as the object of mind and your one-pointedness is perfected, you and the deceased spirit will feel mutually connected and responsive and that awesome power will reach the spirit no matter where it resides. This is the truth of Il-Won that interfuses everything. When you use wireless telecommunication, the reason you are able to hear sounds coming from millions of li away is because the energy connects across that distance. For the same reason, insentient plants naturally know how to draw nutrients from the soil. If this principle of nonduality is completely mastered, or if one awakens to the principle that all existing things derive from formlessness, then it will not be too difficult to comprehend how this formless world is taken as the object of this formless mind.”