Part One: The Canon of Secular Life

Chapter Two: Education

1. On Education

Education is the foundation for developing the world and the basis for civilizing humankind. Hence, it can be said that the rise and fall, prosperity or decline, of individuals, families, societies, and nations depends on whether or not education is well executed. Although human beings are said to be the most perspicacious of all living creatures, without the power of education we cannot be sure we will be able to fulfill our numinous potential. Even if families, societies, nations, or the world may have already been formed, without the power of education, their preservation or development also cannot be assured. Therefore, from the period of gestation, which is the foundation of human life, through birth and the various stages of maturation, the Ways of prenatal education, infant education, and general education must all be provided and cultivated in order for a person to become a useful human being in one’s family, society, nation, and the world.
Furthermore, education may be broadly divided into two categories: one is study of sciences and the other education in the study of the Way. The study of sciences, as the foundation of material civilization, takes care of the material development of the world; education in the study of the Way, as the foundation of spiritual civilization, takes care of the spiritual development of the world. Therefore, these two types of education must be cultivated simultaneously, but the study of the Way should be adopted as the basis and the study of sciences as its application. Then, both spiritual and material civilization will be well rounded and the happiness of humankind will be consummated.