The History of Won


The History of Won-Buddhism (Wonbulgyo Kyosa)

Part 3. Fruition of the Sacred Work

Chapter 5. The Fruits of A Half Century

3. Youth Movement and Promotion of the Press

In Won-Buddhist year 48 (1963), the Central Youth Association was formed. The Won-Buddhist Youth Association, which elected its first president (Kwon Seyeong) in July Won-Buddhist year 49 (1964), adopted the resolutions to organize the Won-Buddhist Alumni Association in universities. These resolutions served to materialize the Order`s founding philosophy through public service, to construct the Youth Center, and to expand the organization of the Youth Association in each temple. In July Won- Buddhist year 50 (1965), it launched campaigns to put up doorplates on the believers` front doors (to indicate their religious faith), clean up one`s surroundings, and send out the books of Won-Buddhism. In September Won-Buddhist year 51 (1966), the second president of the Youth Association (Kim Jeongyong) began the publication of the monthly Won-Buddhist Youth Association Newsletter, which contributed to the Order`s edification work. Starting in April Won- Buddhist year 52 (1967), he also held lecture meetings of the Won-Buddhist philosophies around the major cities nationwide, including Seoul. In July Won-Buddhist year 55 (1970), the Youth Conference was held in the General Headquarters, in which the Associations` contribution to the Order`s half centennial projects were pledged. In July Won- Buddhist year 56 (1971), the National Conference of Youth Leaders was held in the General Headquarters, followed by the National Youth Cultivation Meeting in Haseom, through which the Won-Buddhist youths further solidified the fruition of the half century of Won-Buddhism.
Meanwhile, Wongkwangsa, the publishing organ self-equipped with a printing apparatus in February Won-Buddhist year 42 (1957), continued the publication of the bi-monthly or quarterly periodical Won-kwang along with periodicals by the General Headquarters and the Order-established schools. In July Won-Buddhist year 47 (1962), the Won-Buddhist Memorial Photo Album Editorial Committee published the Won-Buddhist Memorial Photo Album that was composed of four sections, including the introductory section and the section dedicated to the memory of Sot`aesan. In May Won-Buddhist year 49 (1964), the Department of General Affairs (with Kim Geunsu as the head) began its publication of the monthly Won-Buddhist Newspaper which continued until March Won-Buddhist year 54 (1969) and published 60 issues.
In Won-Buddhist year 53 (1968), Jeonghwasa began the Complete Won-Buddhist Writings Collection project, through which the Order`s early periodicals (Month-End Communications [Wolmal-tongsin], Monthly Newsletter [Wolbo], and Won-Buddhist Newsletter [Hoebo]) and historical documents and materials compiled for the early Books of Won-Buddhism, were published annually in six volumes. In March Won-Buddhist year 54 (1969), it established the Won-Buddhist News Company (with Kim Jeongyong as the president and Jo Jeonggeun as the editor), which published the bi-monthly Won-Buddhist News. The promotion and development of the Order`s press greatly achieved the mission of spreading information to the public and culture. Furthermore, in July, the Won-Buddhist Publishing Company was established as an annex to Wongkwangsa. It continued with the publication of the Scriptures of Won-Buddhism and the Book of Hymns in reduced-size editions, followed by the Half Centennial Commemoration Project Committee`s issuing of the Half Centennial Commemorative Writings. Moreover, the Research Institute of Religious Issues (Yu Kihyeon, the director) published An Outline of Religions in Korea and compiled the Dictionary of Won-Buddhism. As was seen, the new Order`s press and publishing branch began to be considerably active starting from the late 1940`s.