The History of Won


The History of Won-Buddhism (Wonbulgyo Kyosa)

Part 1. The Dawn of Great Opening

Chapter 1. The New Buddha Land in the East

2. Korean People and the Korean Peninsula

A Group of People, called "The Han People"1), believed that they were the descendents of Heaven. They moved to the east looking for the source of the light and settled down in the Korean peninsula. The Han People established their own country around five thousand years ago, and developed their bright culture in this present-day Korean Peninsula. They lived in harmony with the beautiful mountains and rivers, good climate, fertile lands, and abundant products.
The Han People, who respected brightness, revered propriety, and loved peace, were venerated as the "Noble Country of Prosperity in the East." Koreans never invaded neighboring countries without a valid reason. However, they never hesitated to fight and defend their country against unjust invasions. The word "Han," literally implies Oneness and Greatness. Many sages appeared generation-after-generation. The fact that the great sage appeared among the Han People, is nothing but a great blessing, for he helped to unite the world into one household with a wholesome morality.
The Korean peninsula, located at the end of the eastern Continent of Asia, stretches from the north to the south, and is surrounded by two continents on the left and the right. The Korean peninsula could adequately become the gateway to many cultures of the world because of her wonderful and natural location. One side is connected with the continent and three other sides are surrounded by the ocean. Moreover, Mt. Kumgang is one of the most splendid mountains in the world. Sot`aesan said, "Mt. Kumgang will be designated as an international park in the near future. This country will become famous to the world on account of Mt. Kumgang."
From the early history, many prophecies relating to Buddhist mythology predicted that the Korean peninsula, a country of morning calm, would become a New Buddha Land in the East. This New Land would begin with Mt. Kumgang, and its glory would be boundlessly prosperous throughout time.