The History of Won


The History of Won-Buddhism (Wonbulgyo Kyosa)

Part 3. Fruition of the Sacred Work

Chapter 3. The Basis of the World of Il-Won Buddhism

3. Compilation of the Dae-Jong-Gyeong [The Analects of Sot`aesan] and the Rearrangement of the Principal Book

Through the resolution of the Head Circle Council in May Won-Buddhist year 41 (1956), the Committee for the Compilation of the Dae-Jong-Geong [The Analects of Sot`aesan] was inaugurated. The Head Dharma Master Chŏngsan was the chairperson, the male and female central members of the Head Circle Council (Kim Daegeo and Yi Kongju) were the steering members, and the entire membership of the Head Circle Council (Appendix 25) was the advisors. Also Yi Gongjeon was appointed as the expert advisor in charge of editing. The compilation of the Dae-Jong-Geong [The Analects of Sot`aesan] was proposed and discussed immediately following Sot`aesan`s passing. The task had been entrusted to the Association for the Continuance of Sot`aesan`s Sacred Work, but this made little progress. Then, around this time, the dharma taught by Sot`aesan, which had been personally recorded by him during his life time, and those recorded by Song Doseong and other disciples (Appendix 26) who had served him closely, began to be publicly collected and arranged.
Upon completing the general collection of data, the Committee for the Compilation of the Dae-Jong-Geong moved the site of compilation to Sandong Temple in Namwon. There it nearly concluded the task of abridging and arranging the collected data, as well as dividing them into chapters. Hence, in May Won-Buddhist year 43 (1958), Head Dharma Master Chŏngsan, who had been recuperating at Jangsu Temple from illness, established the Jeonghwasa and entrusted it with the compilation and publication of the Scriptures and the Books of the Order. The Jeonghwasa was to promptly proceed with the compilation of not only the Dae-Jong-Geong, but also various other books of the Order. With Yi Kongjeon as the head officer, it continued with the tasks of consultation, re-compilation, and editorial supervision.
Meanwhile, through the Head Circle Council`s resolution "to revise and fine-tune the Principal Book and to move forward with its republication", in January Won-Buddhist year 45 (1960), the Jeonghwasa proceeded with the compilation of the Dae-Jong-Geong, as well as the rearrangement of the Principal Book. The Principal Book of Won-Buddhism, which had been hastily completed a year prior to Sot`aesan`s demise and published with great difficulty at the peak of Japanese oppression, had not been accurately recorded due to pressing circumstances (Chapter 3 of the Requests, ,Dae-Jong-Geong [The Analects of Sot`aesan]). Hence, in addition to the parts that underwent partial revision and reprinting in Won-Buddhist year 34 (1949), the parts that could be interpreted as if Sot`aesans` original purpose had been confined to a certain region or a certain religious denomination were rectified to follow his real intention, while its name was restored to the "Principal Book" and its order was adjusted in connection with Dae-Jong-Geong. All of this was to be conducted through Jeonghwasa under the personal decision by the Head Dharma Master.
Then, during the course of proceeding with the compilation, Head Dharma Master Chŏngsan`s health further deteriorated and he delivered his last special instruction on December 25th Won-Buddhist year 46 (1961), which appointed KimDaegeo, Yi Kongju, Yi Wancheol, Pak Gwangjeon, Yi Wunkwon, and Pak Jangsik to supervise the compilation of the scriptures and the books of the Order, and urged the people, respectively in charge of various aspects of the Compilation, to press ahead with their tasks.