The Principal Book of Won-Buddhism

Part Three : Practice

Chapter Sixteen: The Dharma of the Wholeness of Both Spirit and Flesh

Since in the past those living secular lives were not considered to be practitioners of the Way, the harmful custom of living idly without jobs prevailed among practitioners of the Way, greatly harming individuals, families, societies, and nations. From now on, however, as we construct a new world out of the old, the religion of this new world should be a living religion in which cultivating the Way and life itself are nondual. Therefore, by our gaining clothing, food, and shelter through the truth of Il-Won-Sang, the Dharmakāya Buddha, which is the mind-seal rightly transmitted by all the buddhas and enlightened masters, and through the Threefold Study of Cultivation, Inquiry, and Choice, and by our gaining that truth through our clothing, food, and shelter, and the Threefold Study, both our spirit and flesh will become one wholeness. To be of service in this way to individuals, families, societies, and nations is our aim.