The Principal Book of Won-Buddhism

Part Three : Practice

Chapter Twelve: The Essential Discourse on Commanding the Nature

1. Believe not in the person alone, but in the dharma.
2. Ponder the dharmas taught by various persons and believe in the very best of them.
3. Having been born as humans among all the four types of birth, we should have a love of learning.
4. A knowledgeable person should not neglect learning just because he or she has knowledge.
5. Do not indulge in wine and dalliance, but use the time to inquire into truth.
6. Do not cling to your biases.
7. When responding to any matter, maintain a respectful state of mind and fear the rise of covetous greed as if it were a lion.
8. Teach yourself day by day, hour by hour.
9. If anything goes wrong, do not blame others, but examine yourself.
10. Should you learn of another’s fault, do not reveal it but use it instead to perceive your own faults.
11. Should you learn of another’s achievements, proclaim them to the world and never forget them.
12. So long as they are doing what is right, try to understand the palpable reality of others’ situations by thinking of your own case.
13. Even at the risk of your life, do what is right, no matter how much you may dislike doing it.
14. Even at the risk of your life, do not do what is wrong, no matter how much you may want to do it.
15. Do not exhort others to do anything they do not wish to do, but be concerned only with your own affairs.
16. If you form a wish and want to see it fulfilled, compare everything you see and hear to that wish and study its fulfillment.