The Principal Book of Won-Buddhism

Part Three : Practice

Chapter Eleven: The Precepts

A. Ten Precepts for the Ordinary Grade

1. Do not kill without due cause.
2. Do not steal.
3. Do not commit sexual misconduct.
4. Do not consume intoxicants without due cause.
5. Do not gamble or play idle games.
6. Do not use harsh speech.
7. Do not fight without due cause.
8. Do not embezzle public funds.
9. Do not borrow or lend money between close friends without due cause.
10. Do not smoke tobacco without due cause.

B. Ten Precepts for the Grade of Special Faith

1. Do not make decisions about public affairs by yourself.
2. Do not speak about the faults of others.
3. Do not be obsessed by the pursuit of gold, silver, and precious gems.
4. Do not be ostentatious in wearing clothes.
5. Do not associate with the wrong kind of people.
6. Do not talk while someone else is talking.
7. Do not be untrustworthy.
8. Do not speak flowery and ingratiating words.
9. Do not sleep at an improper time without due cause.
10. Do not frequent places where there is improper singing or dancing.

C. Ten Precepts for the Grade of the Battle between Dharma and Māra

1. Do not be conceited.
2. Do not have more than one spouse.
3. Do not eat the flesh of four-legged animals without due cause.
4. Do not be lazy.
5. Do not be double-tongued.
6. Do not make impertinent remarks.
7. Do not be jealous.
8. Do not be greedy.
9. Do not harbor hatred.
10. Do not be deluded.