The Principal Book of Won-Buddhism

Part Three : Practice

Chapter Two: Fixed-Term Training and Daily Training

Section Two: The Dharma of Daily Training

In order that practitioners may train themselves daily in their practice, six items of heedfulness in daily applications and six items of heedfulness regarding temple visits are established.

A. Items of Heedfulness in Daily Applications

1. In all your applications, be heedful to make choices with sound thought.
2. Before engaging in an application, be heedful to study for it in advance by observing the circumstances of the application.
3. As you have free time, be heedful to deepen your acquaintance with the scriptures and the regulations.
4. People who have substantially achieved a deepened acquaintance with the scriptures and regulations should be heedful to study cases for questioning.
5. Be heedful to practice reciting the Buddha’s name or seated meditation in order to cultivate the spirit either during the time that is left before going to sleep and after completing any remaining household affairs after supper, or else in the early morning.
6. After handling any matter, while thinking about how you handled it, be heedful to assess whether or not you have carried out the items that you resolved both to do and not to do.

B. Items of Heedfulness Regarding Temple Visits

1. Whenever you come to temple while practicing the items of heedfulness in daily applications, be heedful to engage in questions and answers about each and every aspect of those activities.
2. If you have awakened to some matter, be heedful to report that awakening to a spiritual mentor and to obtain his or her appraisal.
3. If you encounter a matter that raises a special doubt, be heedful to submit it to a spiritual mentor and gain the awakening of understanding.
4. Be heedful to set aside in advance each year the training fees for Sŏn-retreat (meditation-retreat), so that you may pursue specialized practice in a Sŏn center.
5. On the days of the regular dharma meeting, be heedful to come to temple and dedicate yourself exclusively to practice that day, after settling in advance any outstanding matters.
6. Once you have returned from temple, and after reflecting on whether or not you had some sort of awakening or had any specific doubt clarified, be heedful actively to utilize without fail those lessons in real life.